Stacy of Stacy Kate

I don’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t creating things. I’ve cooked all my life. My latch-key cohorts and I are creative and industrious sorts. I’ve made mud pies and real pies and fancy pants dinners for rock stars, stock brokers and 4 start hotels, I’ve drawn and painted and sculpted. I’ve sewn by machine and by hand creating quilts and clothing. I’ve made jewelry, candles, bath and body products. I’ve written short stories, cookbooks for my family and I’ve journaled endlessly. I’ve built giant tennis courts and itty bitty houses in textile works. My hands are busy at all times. My brain is also a little too busy for its britches. I have ADHD which kind of makes sense when you look at all the things I’ve worked on and loved in my life. I can’t stop making things!

Stacy Kate in Arizona, sunset

I’ve been in business since 2013 but have recently taken some time off to move to paradise (also known as Arizona) hang out with family and friends and look for more fun, creative pursuits.


Now that Ozzie, my trusted schnoodle and I are settled in nicely, I’m ready to get busy again. I’ve been working on shea butter bar soaps, emulsified body butters and bath salts for the past month or so. They look and smell heavenly. I have a long list of products that I plan to add but I’m going to wait until Arizona isn’t as hot as the surface of the sun.

I'm so excited to get started again and I can’t wait to see you!!