Setting Intentions

There is a buzz all around me during the last couple of weeks in the year.  Obviously, the holidays are at full force and everything seems overwhelming.  Rather than give in to all the chaos I tend to get quiet.  I hole up in my little cottage and surround myself with notebooks, journals, planners, endless cups of coffee and, of course, the ever present candles.  I have a compulsion to write down everything.  What did I love about the previous year?  What did I accomplish?  What were my failures, or “lessons”?  What are my goals for the coming year?  When I’m surrounded by the craziness of the holidays I just go inward and plot.  I try to get clear on what I want my next year to look like.  I set intentions.  I write them down – more than once.  I list everything – goals, joys, what I want for the people I love, what I want for myself.  I categorize everything.  What do I want to focus on with my health, work, hobbies, family, home?  How can I make my life better?  Should I cook more meals at home?  (The answer is always yes.) What should I learn to make? How can I reduce stress? I set my intentions for my life while setting the tone and “feel” in my home with warm candlelight and fragrance. 

My Lavender Sage soy candle is the standard go-to for stress reduction for most people.  Lavender is known to reduce stress and anxiety and even reduce pain. Sage promotes clarity and balance.  My personal favorite candles to use when I want to get still and find peace are Chai Masala and Mint Eucalyptus.  Cardamom and anise are the two main components of the Chai Masala blend.  The two fragrances together ground me and warm my soul.  They are intoxicating!  Eucalyptus quiets my ADD raging brain and peppermint gives me a refreshing boost. 

How do you use fragrance to set your mood, calm you down or rev you up? Have you thought about it?  Fragrance evokes memory and really makes you “feel”.  I loved being at my Grandmother’s house in Southern Mississippi when I was a kid.  Even today there are certain fragrances that bring my heart and soul right back to that farm house in the country.  The smell of coffee brewing in the morning, the smell of bacon frying and fresh biscuits in the oven.  The smell and sound of the cracking fire in the fireplace. The cherry almond scent of her favorite hand cream.  Just thinking about the fragrances calm me and make me happy.

I want to know what fragrances make you happy and lift your spirits or calm you down.  Do you have a scent you would like me to try to replicate in the form of a soy candle?  Aromatherapy is some pretty powerful stuff.  Please let me know what you might like me to make next so you can set the mood and ambiance of your own space.  

I’ll just be sitting here, sipping coffee and writing everything down by candlelight – living my best life.

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